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Estate Inventories of Thomas Sadler, Jr. (d. 1794) and Martha Rose Sadler (d. 1803)

    Thomas Sadler, Jr. died in 1794 in Brunswick County, Virginia. After his death, his widow Martha went to Lincoln County, North Carolina to live with their children. She died there in 1803. We are fortunate in that the inventories of both of their estates still exist, and we can compare them one to the other. We are also fortunate to be able to compare Thomas's and Martha's estate inventories to that of their son William Rose Sadler, his wife Nancy Turner Moreland Sadler and also that of William and Nancy's son, Allious Turner Sadler. (Follow links.)
     As previously mentioned, Thomas Sadler, Jr. died in 1794 and Martha died in 1803. William Rose Sadler died in 1829 in Jefferson County, Alabama. William was an architect and a surveyor, and he also owned a cotton plantation. William's widow Nancy died in 1831 in Jefferson County, Alabama. Their son Allious Turner Sadler died in 1844, also in Jefferson County, Alabama. Allious was a merchant. He also raised cotton, but it appears to a lesser extent than his father.
     I think it is very interesting to see how the contents of the inventories differ from one generation to the next--the changes in tools, implements and household items. Especially evident is the large increase in the number of slaves owned by William and Allious versus the number owned by Thomas and Martha. One can clearly see the impact of the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 and the subsequent explosion of cotton production on large plantations using slave labor--in William's inventory in particular.
     While it is not pleasant to see that some of my ancestors owned slaves, I think it is important to make these inventories available because estate inventories do provide the names of the slaves, and sometimes even their ages and family groupings.
     Other documents which contain slaves' names and other information about them are estate sales, wills and county deed books. Records of estate sales show the purchaser of each slave and thus provide information concerning change of ownership for slaves. One can then look in documents related to the new owner for possible information regarding the enslaved person in question. Wills also show to whom ownership of particular slaves were transferred. Another place to look for information on slaves is county deed books. The sales of slaves, as well as the manumission (freeing) of them, were frequently recorded in county deed books along with the land deeds.
     The following inventory of Thomas Sadler, Jr.'s estate can be found on pages 36-37 of the book Sadler/Saddler; A Record of the Family and Descendants of Thomas Sadler, Sr. 1720-1796 and Rebeccah Featherston 1722-1796/1799 of Brunswick County Virginia, compiled by Joan Coker Smola and published in 1994. Digital images of this book may be viewed at

     A true and just Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Sadler, dec'd taken this 22nd Day of February 1794.
3 negroes to wit: one negro Woman Sook, Lewis & Milly
4 head of horses & 17 head of Cattle
14 head of Sheep & 4 Sows & 10 pigs
4 beds and furniture & one without furniture
2 Tables & two Chest & 1 woolen Wheel
1 Linen Wheet & 6 Chairs
1 pair of flat Irons & 14 Earthen Plates 2 Earthen Dishes & five mugs
9 Cups & Saucers & 1 Crewel
1 Tumbler and a pepper box
1 Milk pot 9 bottles & 4 Jugs
1 Coffee pot 1 Gun and 3 Tea Cannistors
2 Candlesticks 1 Candle Mole & a pare of Snuffers
1 pair of fire Tongs & a Triblet & a gridiron
1 looking Glass 13 Phials and a Funnel
a parcel of Books & 3 pair of Chards
4 Slays & Harnesses, 2 pare of Waping bares & boxes
1 Loom 1 Cart & Wheels 4 axes & 4 Wedg hoes
3 hilling hoes 1 Gruing hoe 3 plow hoes
1 Set of Shoe makers Tools 1 pare of brass Scales
1 Money Scales. 1 Iron Kettle 3 pots 1 Dutch Oven
1 Tea Kettle 1 Frying Pan
3 Pewter Dishes 2 Basens of Plates and 6 Spoons
1 Man's Saddler & Bridle 1 Woman's Saddler & Bridle
1 pare of Saddle Bags & 2 Butter Pots
2 Jars 1 Jug & a small quantity of linseed Oil
1 Iron Skillet
1 set of Turners Tools
1 Side of Leather and 4 Raw hides
lithe blade & a coppers Adze
1 Currising knife 5 Reep hooks
1 Ox ring & stable & 5 Bells
6 Cider Casks & a parcel of old Barrels
2 washing Tubs 2 Pails & a Tin pan
2 Stacks of Blades & 2 Stacks of Tops
2 Stacks of Oats & a foot Adse
18 Geese & by computation 25 barrels of Corn
800 lb. of Pork & 100 lb. of Cotten
8 knifes & forks & 2 pair of Spectacles
1 Churn & a parcel of bread Tray and Sifter
1 Saroh 2 Brushes 1 Comb Case & combs
2 Rasors Strap shaving box and hone
2 Meal bags & parcel of Potatoes seed
Sheep skins 2 pairs of Scissors
1 pare of Wedges 4 or 5 pound of Iron
1/2 pound of Steel, 4 Gallons of Vinegar
a parcel of Flax
1/4 part of a Whip Saw
      Returned into Brunswick County Court the 24th day of February 1794 & ordered to be recorded.
                                                                           Teste: C.B. Jones CKC

     An inventory of Martha Rose Sadler's estate was made in April 1804 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Digital images of her estate inventory can be viewed at (for a fee). My transcription of her inventory is below.

Inventory of the
Estate Martha Sadler
April 1804
[reverse side]
Inventory of the Estate of Martha Sadler Dceast
1 Negroe man Lewis now in possesson of W. R. Sadler
1 horse ("one" written in margin to left of 1)
2 Feather Beds & furniture
1 Chest
1 womans Saddle
2 Pots  1 Pair hooks
1 Duch oven
4 hoes  2 axs
1 hand Saw
2 augers  1 gouge
1 flat iron
1 bread trough and meal Seiv
4 Jugs
1 Pair of fire Tongs & shovel
5 Peuter Plates & 1 Basin
1 Coffee Pot
1 Set of spons
1 Set of Cups & saucers
1 Candle stick & snuffers
1 Case of knifes & forks & Box
1 Churn
1 Barrel
1 Shot Gun
2 Bottles & 1 glass tumbler
1 pepper Box[?]
2 Mugs & a salt sellor
2 testament  1 Bible  1 Dicktionary
1 Looking Glass
1 Peuter Candle mole
1 water Pail
                        A true return made by us &
        all in this State
                                               Nathaniel Sadler      Exrs
                                               Richd Rockett

"North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998" database with digital images, ( accessed 14 Mar 2017), Lincol County, "Estate Records, Rodrick, William-Scott, William, 1824-1964; 1772-1964; 1735-1914," (images 1079-1080 of 2101). Original data: North Carolina County, District and Probate Courts.

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Will and Estate Inventory of Allious Turner Sadler (1806-1844)

     Allious Turner Sadler, my great-great-great grandfather, was the seventh child of William Rose Sadler and Nancy Turner Moreland. Allious was married to Caroline Martha Owen. They had four children together: Thomas William Sadler, Julia Jane Smith Sadler, Nancy Eliza Sadler and Allious "Allie" C Sadler. Caroline was pregnant with Allie when Allious died on November 26, 1844 at the age of 38. The day before he died, Allious had his will drawn up and signed it. It reads as follows:
In the name of God Amen  I Allious T. Sadler of the County of Jefferson in the Sate of Alabama, being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (to wit) First I will_devise that all my just debts and legal liabilities be paid by my Executors herein after named. It is my request that my beloved wife Caroline M. Sadler remain on the plantation on which I now live, and I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Caroline M. Sadler, the plantation on which I now including the land lately entered also the following negro slaves and other property (viz) Sidney, Harriet, Lucy, William, Judy and Jack also my household and Kitchen furniture, Spinning Machine also my Barouch and Harness. Two Horses. Two Mules one Road wagon  four pair of wagon gears  one yoke of oxen. my stock of Sheep  one third of my Cattle and hogs  one third of my present crop  one rifle gun  my Blacksmiths Tools  five pair of plough gears. It is my request that all (my) the above property belong to my beloved wife Caroline M. Sadler during her natural life after her decease to be equally divided among the heirs of body. It is my request that my negro property be hired out by my Executors until my son Thomas William Sadler at the age of Twenty one years, at which time it is my request that commissioners be appointed by the Orphans Court and proceed to divide the above negroes equally between my children Thomas W Sadler  Julia Jane Smith Sadler  Nancy Eliza Sadler, and should there be another heir or heirs born after my death they are to share equally with the above named children. It is my request that my daughters are to have the portion or lot of negroes when they arrive at the age of sixteen years provided[?] they should marry at that age or before. It is my request and I hereby authorize my Executors to sell my land know as the Philip-Sanders plan. at any time they think best for my children, on one, two and three years credit and make titles when the last payment is made by the purchaser, and the plan[tation] known as the Lawly plan to be rented out by my Executors until my son Thomas William Sadler is twenty one years of age and the rents or profits or money arriving from the sale of the above lands and hire of the negroes to be kept on interest and divided at the same time the negroes are divided. It is my request that as much of the crop be sold by my Executors for cash as will pay my just
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debts the residue of my personal property to be sold on a twelve months credit and the money after paying all expenses to be also divided as above. It is my request that all my farming tools remain for the use of my beloved wife Caroline M. Sadler or as many as she may wish to keep. I herby appoint my friends Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory Executors of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made.
Signed Sealed and acknowledged
by the within named Allious                                              A. T. Sadler {seal}
T Sadler as his last Will
and Testament in the
presence of us who have
hereunto subscribed our
names as witnesses in
the presence of the Testator
this November 25th 1844
   Thomas McAdory
   I. W. Sadler
   Wm W. Prude
    On December 10, 1844, Thomas H. Owen, James McAdory, Isaac W. Sadler and Thomas McAdory signed a $25,000 bond for Thomas H. Owen's and James McAdory's executorship of Allious T. Sadler's estate. Thomas H. Owen was the brother of Allious's wife, Caroline. James McAdory was married to Allious's sister Nancy Tucker Sadler. Isaac W. Sadler was Allious's brother. Thomas McAdory was the brother of James McAdory and the brother-in-law to Allious's wife Caroline and Thomas H. Owen.
Know all men by these presents, That we Thomas H. Owen, James McAdory, Isaac W Sadler and Thomas McAdory are held and firmly bound unto John F Forrest Judge of the County Court of Jefferson County State of Alabama, and his successors in office, in the penal sum of Twenty Five Thousand dollars, to which payment, well and truly to be made, we and each of us do bind ourselves, our heirs &c. firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated the 10th day of December 1844 Now the Condition of the above obligation is such, That whereas the above bound Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory have been duly appointed Executors of the last Will and Testament of Allius T. Sadler  deceased, shall well and truly perform all the duties which are or may be by law required as Executors aforesaid then the above obligation to be void-else to remain in full force. Witness our hands and seals the date above written.                   Thomas H Owen  {seal}
Signed, sealed & acknowledged                              James McAdory   {seal}
in open Court.                                                          Thomas McAdory  {seal}
     Test                                                                      Isaac W. Sadler    {seal}
        _ . Bagley   Clerk

     The same day, Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory were officially appointed executors of Allious T. Sadler's estate.

The State of Alabama

Orphan's Court of Jefferson County
Wheres the last Will and Testament of Allius T. Sadler was duly proved at an Orphan's Court held for said County at the Court House in the town of Elyton on the 10th day of December 1844 in which will he appointed Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory his Executors. And said Thomas H Owen and James McAdory having given bond and securities, and Taken the oath required by law. Therefore, that the will of said Testator may be well and truly performed, we by these presents grant and commit to said Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory the administration of all and singula[r] the Goods and Chattels, Rights and credits,whatsoever, belonging to said Allius T. Sadler at the time of his death, according to the true intent and meaning of the Will, hereby requiring said Thomas H. Owen and James McAdory to file in the clerk's office of said Court within three months from this a true and full inventory of said Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits, and to render a full and true account of their administration whenever thereto legally required.
Witness John F. Forrest Judge of said Court at Office this 10th day of December 1844
                                                                     Test      J.[?] Bagley clerk CC.
       10th day of December 1844
    The following inventory of Allious Sadler's estate was filed with the court on March 6, 1845.
An appraisers Bill and Inventory of the personnel property and Real Estate belonging to the estate of A. T. Sadler decd.
1 Blk Cow & yearling                                 8.00
1 Pied Cow                                                  6.00
1 Pied Cow & Blk yearling                         8.00
1 Pied heifer                                                4.00
1 Blk heifer                                                  4.00
1 Brindle Cow & yearling                           7.00
1 Pied heifer                                                7.00
1 Brown Heifer                                           6.00
1 Pied Cow & yearling                                7.00
1 Blk Steer                                                   4.00
1 Brindle Steer                                             3.00
2 Small yearlings                                         4.00
1 M__ley red Steer                                      8.00
1 Brindle Steer                                            7.00
1 Blk Cow & yearling                               10.00
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1 Blk Steer                                                   7.50
1 Blk. Heifer                                                5.00
1 Brindle Cow                                             7.00
1 Stack old fodder                                       3.50
1 Stack new fodder                                     7.00
1 Tract of Land (the Sanders plan)        1000.00
1 Negro man Jack                                      50.00
1 Negro man William                              600.00
1 Negro man Sidney                                600.00
1 Negro woman Susan                             450.00
1 Negro woman Harriet                           400.00
1 Negro woman Judah                               50.00
1 Negro woman Frances                          350.00
1 Negro woman Aggy                             400.00
1 Negro woman Kip___                          500.00
1 Negro woman Elva                               500.00
1 Negro Girl Sarah                                  250.00
1 Negro Girl Hannah                              200.00
1 Negro Girl Nincy                                 200.00
1 Negro child Elizabeth                          100.00
1 Negro woman Sylvia                           400.00
1 Negro child Adam                               100.00
1 Negro Boy Albert                                450.00
1 Negro man Isaac                                  600.00
1 Negro man Charles                              500.00
8 Cows & Calves                                     50.00
3 Yearlings                                                 5.00
3 Stacks fodder                                        16.00
2 Stacks oats                                            20.00
60 Bushels oats    @ 40                           24.00
2500 Bundles fodder more or less 125    31.25
2 yoke oxen $25 each                              50.00
1 Sorrel Horse Colt                                  35.00
1 Gray Horse                                           20.00
1 Gray Horse                                           25.00
1 Sorrel Bowl faced Horse mare             75.00
1 Bay filly                                                20.00
1 Blk Horse                                             75.00
1 Gray mare                                               1.00
1 Sorrel mare Mule                                  25.00
1 Dark Bay horse Mule                            50.00
1 Bight Bay horse mule                            50.00
1 Light Bay mare mule                             60.00
1 Blk horse mule                                      50.00
1 M___  Colored Horse mule                   40.00
1 Sorrel mare mule                                   20.00
1 Sorrel yearling Mule                             20.00
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1 Ox Yoke                                                       2.00
1 Set Blacksmiths tools                                 25.00
About 50 old plough Hoes              @          20.00
5 new Shovel molds                         75           3.75
5 Mattocks and 1 Grubbing hoe                      3.00
1 pr streachers & old Tong  _  Tongue ch__   1.50
6 Raw hides                                                   12.00
1 Lot of Plough stocks  rods bolts and cli _  11.00
6 pr Wagon Gear                                           12.00
8 pr Plough Gear                                           10.00
3 Sythes & cradles @ 3 $ E                            9.00
1 Grindstone                                                    1.00
1 Road Wagon                                               80.00
1 pr Streachers & 50 chain                              2.00
1 Ox Cart                                                       15.00
1 old wagon                                                   30.00
1 Carriage and Harness                               150.00
33 head Sheep                                               50.00
5 Spinning wheels                                 @    10.00
1 x cut [crosscut] Saw                                     7.00
1 Box Tools                                                   15.00
1 Sit Scales & wights                                      2.00
2 Looms 1/10.00-1/600                                 16.00
1 Spinning Machine                                    150.00
1 Lot shoe tools ___t &c                               10.00
1 pr Balances                                                   5.00
1 Mans Saddle                                               10.00
1 Keg nails                                                      8.00
1 Rifle Gun                                                    20.00
1 Smooth boar Gun                                         2.00
1 Pine Cupboard & contents                         30.00
1 Silver Lever Watch                                    30.00
1 Metal clock                                                25.00
1 Lot Jars                                                        8.00
1 Small Table                                                  1.50
1 Bureau                                                        15.00
1 Bed Bedstead and furniture                        25.00
1  do     do          "       "                                 20.00
1  do     do          "       "                                 25.00
1  do     do          "       "                                 25.00
1 Trundle Bed Bedstead & furniture            15.00
1 clothes Press and contents                         80.00
1 Side Saddle                                                30.00
1 Wash Stand and furniture                            5.00
1 Falling leaf Table                                         5.00
1 crib                                                               6.00
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1 Lot Leather                                                 20.00
8 old axes                                           @          8.00
1 Lot old weeding hoes                                   1.00
3 Iron Wedges                                                  1.50
 The Lawley Plantation                             1000.00
 The Home plantation                                1400.00
1 Lot Chairs                                                     6.00
1 pr Fire Dogs                                                  4.00
1  "  D[itt]o Do                                                 3.00
1 Lot pot ware                                                35.00
1 Lot Coopers ware                                          6.00
Say 5000 lbs pork  @ 3                                150.00
1 Lot Sweet Potatoes                                      40.00
1 Lot of hogs                                                 150.00
1 Log chain                                                       3.00
1 Cotton Gin                                                  100.00
1 Thrasher & Fan                                             25.00
1 Log chain                                                        3.00
 Say 800 Bushels Corn  @ 40 e                     320.00
15034 lbs Baled cotton @ 4                          601.36
1 Bed Bedstead and furniture                          25.00
1 Lot of cotton seed say 200 Bushels                6.00                                                                                                                        $13540.36
The State of Alabama
Jefferson County         Personally appeared before me D. S. McLaughlin an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the aforesaid County John Smith and S. A. Tarrant who being duly deposes and says that the foregoing se____ contains a true list of the personal and real estate of A. T Sadler decd as shown them by James McAdory and Thos H Owen Executors, and that the price thereunto annexed to the several items is the valuation to the best of their knowledge and belief.        
Sworn to and subscribed                                         John Smith
to before me March 6th 1845                                  S. A. Tarrant
D. S. McLaughlin  {seal}
Justice of the Peace  
"Alabama, Wills and Probate Records, 1753-1999" database with digital images, ( accessed 12 Mar 2017), Jefferson County, "Orphans Court Record, 1844-1854,"  pp. 25-30 (images 17-20 of 321). Original data: Alabama County, District and Probate Courts.